Payment Method Requirements and Authorization Holds

Learn more about payment method requirements and authorization holds

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Why is there a $1.00 charge on my payment method?

At the time of your purchase, we perform a pre-authorization check by placing a temporary hold of $1.00 on your payment method. This is a standard procedure to validate the authenticity of the card and confirm that it is valid and activated for use. These are authorization requests, and not charges. You don't pay for authorizations and the money will be returned to your account shortly.

When will the $1.00 hold be removed from my account?

Typically, the $1.00 hold will be cleared within five business days. However, the exact timing for the release of this hold may vary depending on your bank or financial institution's policies.

This pre-authorization happens so Pawp can ensure the validity of your payment method and process your order smoothly. If you have any concerns or further questions about this process, feel free to contact our support team.

Why do I need to enter a payment method for the free trial?

We ask for a payment method when someone starts a free trial to verify there is a real person behind the account. This prevents people using multiple Pawp accounts to get free premium benefits over and over again. Your payment method will also ensure a seamless transition to a paid membership after the one-year trial. Members have the flexibility to cancel at any time before the free trial auto-renews to avoid any charges.

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