What is the Initial Health Assessment?

Learn more about Health Assessments and your pets

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After signing up, you’ll be directed to take a Health Assessment for each of your pets. The Health Assessment will gather health and history information about your pet. This includes descriptors like body condition, current medications, dental health, and more. These health data points are tailored for your specific cat or dog. After you submit it, we’ll match you with a member of our veterinary team. They will assess your pet and provide detailed evaluation of your pet’s health results as well as a custom-made care routine.

Based on your pet’s assessment results, we’ll ask you to set your preferred frequency for virtual check-ins. Each virtual check-in asks relevant assessment questions and allows your vet professional to adjust your pet’s care recommendations based on progress or goals.

We highly recommend completing an Initial Health Assessment for each pet after signup to set the baseline of your pet’s health and care.

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