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The Emergency Fund Add-On
The Emergency Fund Add-On

Learn more about the Emergency Fund add-on

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The Pawp Emergency Fund is an optional membership add-on that provides up to $3,000 for one unexpected, life-threatening medical situation annually. This financial protection add-on can be applied to any of the six pets (cats and dogs) on your account, but can only be used once per year for one pet per account.

It is available for an additional $19/month on top of your annual base Pawp membership and provides a financial safety net just in case the worst happens. The T-Mobile promotion does not include access to the Emergency Fund, but it is available for an additional $19 monthly charge.

The Pawp Emergency Fund can provide up to $3,000 back in the event of an emergency. It can be used once a year per household (up to 6 pets). There's a 14-day wait period from the date the add-on is purchased before coverage is available To learn more, please click here.

The Emergency Fund cannot be used to cover an emergency that exists before signup or that develops during the wait period.

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