What is the T-Mobile Tuesdays 2023 Promotion?

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With your T-Mobile promotion, you get access to Pawp’s base membership free of charge for the first year. Our base membership is the foundation of your experience, providing essential benefits and unlimited access to our digital pet clinic and 24/7 veterinary professionals.

Pawp provides pet parents with guided health assessments, detailed care routines, urgent advice, and peace of mind on questions or concerns both big and small. While we can't offer diagnoses or prescriptions, our digital clinic is an incredible way to help pet parents save money on unnecessary in-person visits — or to bridge the gap until an in-person visit is available.

Once you've secured your base membership, you can customize and enhance your membership by selecting from a range of add-on features that best suit your needs and preferences. This allows you to tailor your membership to precisely fit your requirements, ensuring you get the most value from our offerings. A base telehealth membership is required in order to purchase or maintain add-ons, like Flea & Tick Protection or the Emergency Fund.

What’s included

  • 1-year free access to a Pawp base membership

  • 24/7 and unlimited access to virtual care

  • Guided health assessments and a custom-built care routine

What’s not included

  • Prescriptions and pharmacy products (available separately)

  • The optional Emergency Fund add-on (available separately)

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