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How do I upload image files to my Vet Pro conversation?
How do I upload image files to my Vet Pro conversation?

Learn how to add images to your Vet Pro chat!

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During a conversation with our Vet Pro Team, you can upload image files directly into your chat. We've made this process as simple as possible. Providing extra visual information in your conversation leads to better triage and advice from our veterinary professionals!

Follow the steps outlined below to upload an image into your conversation!

From the conversation view, tap on the Camera icon (Image 1) to open the Add an Attachment view (Image 2). You can select Camera to take a photo directly from your device, or you can select Photo Library to upload a photo you've already taken.

Adding a photo for the first time?

The first time you attempt to complete this process, the Pawp app will request the appropriate permissions (Image 3) required to complete this action. We need access to your Camera if you wish to take a photo, or we need access to your Photo Library to upload an existing file.

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