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An Overview of Health Assessments
An Overview of Health Assessments

Learn more about completing your pet's initial health assessment.

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When signing up for Pawp, we will ask for some general background information about your pet to establish a baseline for their immediate and long-term health needs. Our veterinary professionals will then use this health assessment to create personalized care recommendations to ensure your pet gets and stays healthy.

Completing the Initial Health Assessment is an important part of our team getting to know your pet and improving healthcare outcomes. Please make sure to answer all questions to the best of your ability!

Once you have completed your Initial Health Assessment to our team, you will receive a personalized care plan with actionable next steps within 24-48 hours of submission.

How It Works

1. Answer some questions about your pet

The Health Assessment will help us understand your pet’s current health status, which in turn helps us provide better care. The questions are designed to be quick and easy to answer.

Our health assessment asks for the following information:

Body type: This is to assess your pet's body type based on its breed and age. You can upload or take a picture of your pet, or choose from one of the illustrated options.

Activity level: We ask this to understand how much exercise your pet is getting. Consistent exercise and play are important for keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Dental health: Dental health is often overlooked when it comes to pets. We want to gain a better understanding of your pet's current dental health to provide appropriate care recommendations.

Vaccinations: Staying up to date with your pet’s vaccinations is an important part of keeping not only your pet, but all pets and humans safe. We want to make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date.

Laboratory tests: Standard laboratory tests including routine blood, urine, and fecal tests are important for catching potential health issues in a timely manner. We'll ensure that you know when your next appointment should be.

Preventative medications: Flea & tick and heartworm medications help keep your pet safe from parasitic infections and other diseases. Our goal is to ensure that your pet is protected.

2. Submit your pet's Initial Health Assessment

Once you've answered each question above to the best of your ability, you should submit your pet's assessment. If you have more than one pet on the account, you should submit an individual assessment for each of them so that each has their own personalized care plan.

3. Determine how often you want to check in on your progress

Your pet's care is continuous and it's important we check in on their healthcare goals and progress. Determine the cadence that best fits your schedule and your pet's individual needs: every 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year.

4. Receive your pet's care plan

You will receive your pet's assessment results within 24 to 48 hours of submission. This will be a detailed care plan that will provide short and long-term actions and next steps to achieve your pet's care goals.

5. Follow your care plan and check in anytime

Once you have actionable next steps, you can begin caring for your pet's needs. With unlimited and on-demand visits, you can follow up with any questions or check in with any progress.

Chatting With A Vet Pro

Once you complete the Initial Health Assessment, you will have access to live chat with our Vet Pro team and explore all of Pawp's other membership features. If your pet is experiencing a time-sensitive issue at the time of signup, you can skip the Initial Health Assessment and speak with a Vet Pro live. You will be able to resume your Initial Health Assessment afterward.

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