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How do I apply for reimbursement after an emergency?
How do I apply for reimbursement after an emergency?

Learn how to apply for reimbursement after an emergency

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The Emergency Fund Application lives in the Pawp mobile app to ensure 24/7 access! You can access the application for reimbursement by visiting the Protect tab in the Pawp app on your iOS or Android device.

You'll be asked to provide details about your pet's in-person treatment. Then you'll be prompted to upload a complete medical record of the treatment and the paid, finalized invoice. These documents are required to submit your application.

If our Medical Review Team requires additional documentation, you'll receive a notification via email. Please ensure you've whitelisted Pawp with your email service provider so that messages arrive in your inbox rather than your Spam or Junk folders. We recommend checking all folders for these time-sensitive updates/requests.

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