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Pawp's Code of Conduct
Pawp's Code of Conduct

Read through our Code of Conduct.

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Pawp's Code of Conduct

As a digital pet care membership, Pawp recognizes that our members (and their pets!) are our top priority. That’s why we are committed to providing a respectful, compassionate, and personalized healthcare experience. We place great value on developing mutual trust, respect, and dignity between our team and our members so we may focus on providing the best-in-show care experience you and your pet deserve.

This Code of Conduct document sets out the standards of behavior you can expect from the Pawp team, and in turn, the standards of behavior we can expect from our members. We ask that you lead with kindness and respect when reaching out to us, and know that our team will always strive to do the same.

While you are a Pawp member, you can expect the following behavior from our team:

  • We will treat you with respect and sensitivity.

  • We will respond to all inquiries with diligence and care.

  • We will communicate with you in as timely a manner as is possible, and provide transparency and clarity on our internal processes when applicable.

  • We will take your feedback into consideration whenever possible.

  • We will be clear about our policies and procedures and stick to them.

In return, we expect the following behavior from our members:

  • You will treat our team with integrity, dignity, and respect.

  • You will comply with all reasonable instructions that fall in line with our rules and regulations whilst utilizing our services.

  • You will refrain from the use of threatening, malicious, profane, or abusive language/conduct and no form of harassment, victimization, bullying, or discrimination will be tolerated.

  • You will refrain from making comments to any of our employees that are sexual or otherwise inappropriate in nature.

Violations & Escalations

The vast majority of our members have no trouble with this Code of Conduct! However, when this is not the case:

  • We will communicate with you and explain where we believe the Code of Conduct has been violated.

  • We will strive to resolve the situation peacefully, and in a way that can satisfy both parties when possible.

  • We reserve the right to terminate your membership in response to your behavior, as specified within our Terms & Conditions.

Feedback & Reporting

Of course, the Pawp team will always strive to follow this Code of Conduct. However, where you do not believe this has been the case:

  • Our support team can be reached via live chat during business hours, or via email at [email protected]. Please report your feedback here.

  • Where appropriate, you will be referred to the appropriate supervisor in order to find a resolution.

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