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Speak With A Veterinary Professional
Speak With A Veterinary Professional

Learn more about how to start a Pawp visit.

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To speak with a veterinary professional, please log into the Pawp app (iOS or Android) and select Get Care in the Care tab.

Your team of veterinary doctors and nurses is available 24/7 for everything from quick questions to emergencies. You can access care, no appointment required, via the Pawp app (available on iOS and Android). There's no limit to the number of visits you can initiate, so feel free to check in and follow up whenever you need for continuous care.

To start a visit, please follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Pawp app on your compatible iOS or Android device.

  2. On the home screen (pictured below), click Get Care.

  3. Select the pet you're concerned about today on the next screen.

4. On the next screen(s), you'll go through a quick questionnaire, beginning with Which best describes the reason for your cat's/dog's visit? Depending on your selection, you'll be asked some follow-up questions to direct your conversation to the proper vet professional.

5. After completing the questionnaire, you'll see a pre-assessment of your pet's condition. Tap on Chat With A Vet Professional to enter the queue for conversations. Most conversations are accepted and initiated within 90 seconds.

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