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Add/Remove/Update Pet Information

Learn more about the My Pets section of our mobile app

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For a fixed price, your Pawp membership provides benefits for up to 6 pets. You can keep track of your pets in the My Pets section of the Pawp iOS or Android app. A Pet Profile should be created for each pet in your household. Individual profiles help our Veterinary Professionals keep track of your pet's Name, Breed, Gender, Weight, and appearance. Plus, you can track their most recent virtual visit with our Vet Pro Team!

A view of the My Pets section in the Pawp app

We plan to incorporate exciting additions and changes to the My Pets section of our app in the near future. Keep an eye out for these upgrades!

Adding a pet

From our mobile app, you can add pets to your account in seconds. Tap on My Pets in the navigation bar and then select + Add Pet. You'll be prompted for the following information:

  • Your pet's name

  • Whether your pet's a dog or cat

  • Your pet's age

  • Your pet's breed

  • Your pet's gender

  • Your pet's weight

  • A photo of your pet

After choosing a profile picture, you can select Add [Pet Name]. The app will bring you back to My Pets, where you'll see your newly added pet listed in the account!

Removing a Pet

To remove a pet for any reason, tap on My Pets in the navigation bar and then select the pet you wish to remove. You'll see their information pop up, and you can select Remove Pet at the bottom of the profile page. Our app will prompt Are you sure you want to remove [Pet Name]?. By selecting Remove, that pet will be removed from your account.

Please Note: Removing a Pet Profile from your account is a permanent action and cannot be undone.

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