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How To Use The Pawp Mobile App
How To Use The Pawp Mobile App

An overview of the Pawp mobile app experience.

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Pawp provides an app-only experience on Android and iOS to ensure we provide you and your pets with the high-quality care experience you deserve. Our core features and membership benefits must be accessed via our apps. At this time, you cannot access your membership benefits or our veterinary professionals via our website.

Below we will explore how to navigate the different tabs on the Pawp app:

  • Care

  • Protect

  • My Pets

  • Account

Logging In

If you are not already a Pawp member, tap the Get Started button and follow the sign-up instructions to become a Pawp member.

If you have an existing account but are accessing Pawp on the app for the first time, please use the Sign In button at the bottom of your screen, labeled Already have an account? Sign In. After you hit Sign In, you'll be presented with two login options.

You can enter your email address and password, OR you can enter your phone number and receive a text message verification code to complete sign-in.

Please Note: If you signed up before October 18, 2022, and haven't used our mobile app, sign in with your email address and password the first time. You'll be able to verify your phone number after signing in.

Care: Getting Care

From the Care tab, you can access the 24/7 team of veterinary doctors and nurses. Tap the Get Care button whether you're experiencing an urgent situation with your pet or you simply have a question about your pet's health. Our veterinary professionals are available 24/7 via the Pawp app (iOS and Android).

Protect: Staying Protected

From the Protect tab, you will be able to view your Emergency Fund Status. This screen will tell you if you have active coverage available.

You can also view Emergency Protection FAQs, the Emergency Protection Policy, or even account-specific Documents.

If you do not have access to the Emergency Fund as a part of your membership, you will be able to purchase it through this tab.

My Pets: Managing Your Pets

Tap on My Pets to view and manage the pets associated with your Pawp membership. You can add and remove pets from this tab, or you can view their profiles. Don't forget that Pawp supports cats and dogs only at this time!

Account: Accessing Account Details

From the Account tab, you can view your personal information and access other resources. Navigate over to Membership & Billing to see your current plan and billing information. My Pharmacy Orders allows you to view your current and past orders. You can reach our Support Team during regular business hours by clicking Contact Support.

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