If your emergency fund is active and one of our veterinary professionals has confirmed that your pet is having a life-threatening emergency, you should seek emergency care immediately, at most within 8 hours of speaking with our team of professionals.

  • If you'd like to use the Emergency Fund to cover the expenses of your emergency visit, please follow the instructions found here: Pawp Emergency Fund: How It Works

  • If you would not like to use the Emergency Fund to cover the expenses of your emergency visit, please follow these instructions:

    1. Ensure your pet has received the appropriate medical care as recommended by the treating veterinarian.

    2. Reach out to our support team at [email protected] to let our team know that you are unclaiming your emergency fund with a copy of the invoice for the emergency care given attached. You can use the following saved response:

      "Hi there,

      I am reaching out in regards to my Emergency Fund which was activated on XX.XX.XXX. I would like to confirm that I will not I will not be using my emergency fund for this emergency. Please find the invoice for the emergency care attached."

    3. Our team will mark your Emergency Fund as unclaimed and you will receive an automated confirmation email. Your Emergency Fund will still be available should your pet have another unexpected emergency in the future.

Why wouldn't I use my emergency fund?

The Pawp Emergency Fund can only be used one time per year. If the final invoice for your emergency care ends up being substantially less that expected, you may want to pay the emergency yourself in order to save the emergency fund for another, more expensive emergency at a later date.

If you do decide the use the Emergency Fund for an amount that is less than $3,000, the remaining balance of the fund will not be available for a second emergency until your emergency fund renews as stated in our Terms of Service.

Why do I need to provide a copy of the emergency invoice if I am not using my emergency fund for this emergency?

We need to ensure that you sought care for your pet when you were advised in order to prevent the same emergency from happening again. If you failed to seek timely emergency care and the same issue occurs again or continues, the Emergency Fund will not be applicable and you cannot apply for reimbursement.

By providing the emergency invoice when unclaiming your Emergency Fund, you're ensuring that the Emergency Fund will be available for another emergency (which hopefully you won't have!).

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