You can access the Pawp Vet Pro Team via every tab in the membership portal at From the homepage, you'll click Get Care to reach the chat platform. If you're on any other tab, you can click Get Care at the top right of the navigation bar. Both links lead to the same destination.

On the next page, you'll select the pet(s) you want to chat about with the Pawp Vet Pro Team. You can select one or more pets depending upon your primary concern.

You'll select the reason for today's virtual visit on the second page. Whether you have questions about vaccinations or specific symptoms, we've got you covered! If you're looking to activate the emergency fund, we advise selecting I'm having an Emergency.

Finally, you'll select Request conversation to enter the chat platform queue. Most chats are answered within 60 seconds, and please keep in mind that emergency conversations are given priority over non-emergency conversations.

Connect With The Pawp Vet Pro Team On Other Platforms

Connect With The Pawp Vet Pro Team on The Pawp iOS App

Connect With The Pawp Vet Pro Team on The Pawp Android OS App

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