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I have a previous membership offering. What about me?
I have a previous membership offering. What about me?

Learn more about our monthly Emergency Fund Membership

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Previously, we offered our Monthly Emergency Fund Membership for $24.00 per month. Pawp continues to service this membership option for grandfathered members, but this membership option is excluded from new signups and membership reactivations. This membership option provides 24/7 access to the Pawp Vet Pro Team as well as access to our $3,000 emergency fund.

If you're currently subscribed to this membership option, and your account becomes inactive for any reason, we cannot reactivate your membership under these terms. Luckily, our Telehealth Membership with the Emergency Fund Add-on is always an option!

Note: Members with a signup date prior to 12/06/2021 may have a grandfathered rate lower than our standard rate, and active discounts or promotions may affect your monthly membership fee as well.

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