You might notice that a handful of online pet telehealth options exist today. We understand that signing up and paying for a service without checking it out is a big leap. For that reason, we're happy to offer a 7-day free trial to our Annual Telehealth Membership! The trial provides full access to the Pawp Vet Professionals Team via text and video chat through your platform of choice.

On the signup page, you'll select Get free access now and create your account on the following page with basic personal information and a password. You'll be taken to the membership portal where you can click Get Care and provide a payment method to activate the free trial. You'll then have seven full days of complete access to the Pawp Vet Pro Team (emergency fund coverage not included).

How it works

A payment method is required to activate the free trial, and we'll provide a reminder before the trial converts into the Annual Telehealth Membership at a cost of $99.00 per year. The trial lasts seven days before converting to a paid membership, and you can cancel the trial at any time prior to that moment.

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