If you click on the dropdown arrow next to your profile picture on the navigation bar, you can access your account and billing settings. Click on Edit Profile to update your profile information or Membership & Billing to access your membership or billing details. This dropdown is accessible on each page of the membership portal.

Edit Profile

On the Edit Profile view, you can update your name, password, phone number, or physical address. Click on the accompanying edit link, and these values can be changed in seconds. If you need to update your email address, please reach out to our Support Team.

Membership & Billing

On the Membership & BIlling tab, you can see your current Pawp Plan information. Clicking the gear icon next to Plan Status will show you any additional add-ons associated with your membership. You can update your billing details and payment method at any time as well.

Note: If you're currently on a Pawp Perks plan with a full subsidy from your employer, you will not see anything in the Billing section.

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