Your Pawp membership includes benefits for up to six pets, and you'll want to create a Pet Profile for each pet. If you don't have six pets, that's all right! During signup, you're required to add at least one pet, although you may already see all of your pets listed. You can add additional pets here or edit existing pets' information.

Adding a new Pet Profile for your cat or dog

Clicking on the dropdown menu on the My pets page brings up the option to Add a pet. If six pets are listed on this page, you won't see the option to add additional pets.

You'll be greeted with the Add Pets function on the next screen, where you can add one or more additional pets, up to the limit of six. Fill out the information requested, and you can select Mixed Breed or the closest breed to your cat's (or dog's) breed. Hit Add 1 Pet, and you'll now see that pet added to My pets.

Adding a picture to your pet's Pet Profile

Don't forget to add a photo to your pet's Pet Profile! Navigate to the Pet profile section, click on Edit, and then click on the generic profile picture to upload a new one. The remaining information in the Pet profile, Wellness, and Care guide sections are optional, but please feel free to fill out additional information!

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