We’re working hard to provide the Pawp Emergency Fund as an added benefit to all members. However, at this time, if you’ve signed up for a Pawp Flea & Tick Membership, the emergency fund is not yet available as an added benefit.

Existing Pawp members who have signed up for a $24/month Emergency Fund membership will continue to have access to the emergency fund, with the added benefit of our members-only Pharmacy, and the option to add monthly Flea & Tick protection to your membership.

Adding Flea & Tick protection to your membership is priced as follows:

  • $20/month for Rx - Dogs

  • $20/month for Rx - Cats

  • $17/month for OTC - Cats & Dogs

Please Note: The first authorization for a flea and tick prescription includes a $5 consultation fee. This fee is required by state law and is non-refundable but will not be a recurring charge.

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