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Flea & Tick Protection Add-On Details
Flea & Tick Protection Add-On Details
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Getting your monthly flea & tick preventative is easier than you think. Pawp offers parasite prevention options for both cats and dogs at a low monthly rate. In select states — currently New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Virginia — Pawp can provide a prescription for Rx flea & tick protection.*

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Answer a few short questions about your pet to make sure we’re getting all the right information.

  2. Input your contact information and payment details so we can get your account properly set up.

  3. Depending on the information you provide and your state of residence, you will be recommended either a prescription or non-prescription medication. If you may need a prescription, a licensed veterinarian in your state of residence will review your pet’s information and ask any follow-up questions. If everything checks out, the vet will issue a prescription for a flea & tick preventative within 24 hours of receiving your order. If you are recommended a non-prescription solution, you can purchase your medication without a veterinary review. It will arrive within 3 days.

  4. If your order does require a review, you’ll get an email notification as soon as your prescription has been approved. If for some reason we have to decline the request, you’ll also receive an email notification. Don’t worry, you’ll be refunded immediately for the cost of the prescription (minus the $5 Rx consultation fee).

  5. We’ll let you know once your order has shipped and is on its way to you!

  6. The flea & tick subscription will be shipped on the same day each month, so you never have to worry about remembering your preventatives for Fluffy again!

Click here on a desktop browser to get started today!

*Due to individual state laws, Pawp cannot provide prescriptions to people or pets in any states not currently listed. We will continuously update this list as veterinary telemedicine laws progress.

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