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Find out more about how your Emergency Fund works.

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Every emergency should be verified by Pawp's licensed Veterinary Professional team by triage performed on a live video call as per our Rules & Regulations.

Once your pet has been discharged from the hospital, we provide the opportunity to apply for reimbursement through our Emergency Fund Application.

Applying for the Emergency Fund

  1. Complete our Emergency Fund Application. The form must be filled out completely, including a legible copy of your final itemized invoice and the complete medical records associated with the emergency visit.

  2. Complete the form within 14 days of your emergency referral.

  3. Include the final invoice for your emergency visit as well as the complete medical records.

    1. Complete medical records are required for consideration. The medical records may include: treatment and/or nursing notes, diagnostic reports, lab results, surgical reports, and client communications. This is not an exhaustive list. Please communicate with your veterinarian to request these required documents before submitting an application.

    2. We require this information from every veterinary facility that treated your pet throughout the emergency.

  4. Applying for the Emergency Fund does not guarantee reimbursement.

NOTE: We will NOT consider Emergency Fund applications for members with inactive accounts, accounts with a past due balance, or accounts that have not passed the 14-day wait period. Additionally, we will not make exceptions to the one-time use per year per membership of the Emergency Fund. We reserve the right to seek additional information from your veterinarian to aid in our review. Failure to provide the required information will delay processing times.

We understand a live video call may not be possible during extenuating circumstances. If your pet experienced an extreme emergency and you did not contact a Pawp Veterinary Professional, you may still apply for the Emergency Fund but please note that reimbursement is not guaranteed.

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