If you opt to complete a text chat with a Pawp Vet Professional, you'll still be able to upload photos and videos directly into the chat for consultation. First, you'll need to initiate the chat via the membership portal at pawp.com. You'll then enter into a chat with one of our licensed vet professionals within seconds.

By clicking on the Portrait icon or the Paper Clip icon under "Write message", you'll be prompted with the option to upload a video, image, or other file directly into the chat.

This example uses the upload options presented to iOS users, but the options may vary slightly for Windows 10/11 and Android OS users.

Once you select a file, that particular file will populate within the text entry window for the conversation. The upload process will begin as soon as you hit the Submit button. Upload times vary by total file size, but most images will load in within seconds, and the average video will load in within 30 seconds.

From there, you'll see your photo or video of choice within the conversation window!


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