Microphone and Camera permissions need to be enabled for our video chat feature to work. You'll be prompted to enable these permissions the first time you initiate a video call. After requesting a conversation and entering into the queue, a dialog box will pop up once the Veterinary Professional has initiated the call.

The queue before a video call is initiated and accepted

Once this dialog box appears, you'll hit Yes to initiate the call. If this is your first call, you'll be prompted with the second dialog box Allow Pawp.com to use your microphone and camera. At the same time, a dialog box in Chrome will automatically pop up, requesting access to Use your microphone and Use your camera. You'll select Allow to enable both of these permissions.

You're good to go and the video call will initiate shortly!

But, what if you accidentally hit Block or somehow didn't enable these permissions? You'll likely be presented with a blank screen where you can see the Veterinary Professional, but they cannot see or hear you. You can fix this by selecting the Lock icon next to the pawp.com URL. You'll then hit Site Settings.

The first three options on the next screen are permissions for Location, Camera, and Microphone. You'll want to toggle both Camera and Microphone to Allow. From there, you can exist this settings window, refresh the page, and you should be ready to complete a video call with the Pawp Veterinary Professional!

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