When you refer a friend or family member, both you and your referral get 100 points when they become a paying Pawp member! Pretty great, right? They now have Pawp and 100 referral points - you’re a great friend! 😊

To redeem your referral points you can:

  • Sign into your Pawp account.

  • Select Rewards on the left hand side of the page.

  • You will land on your “My Rewards” page.

  • Select “Redeem rewards”

  • Pick out a reward that is equal or less than your point balance!

  • Once you’ve redeemed your reward you will get a confirmation email from Pawp that your reward has been redeemed!

  • Check your point balance as you’ll notice it will change after your reward has been redeemed.

  • Time to start sharing that link again to get more points! 😉

How many points do I get when I refer a friend?

  • 1 referral = 100 points.

  • Once your friend becomes a paying Pawp member, you will both receive 100 points.

What if I send my friend a referral link but they don’t sign up?

  • We’re so grateful you sent them a link but you will not get any points added to your account until they become a paying Pawp member.

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