Pawp isn't a traditional pet insurance product, and we work a bit differently than those products. Our monthly membership includes a $3,000 emergency fund for life-threatening emergencies involving domestic cats and dogs. In a covered emergency, we provide a direct payment to your office or clinic. Our Administrative Team processes these payments over the phone on behalf of our mutual client.

We strive to provide payment, up to the emergency fund limit, in the same timeframe it takes your office to complete the emergency treatment. Although we don't require a deductible or copay, Pawp does require members to post any deposit required by your office upfront. Our Administrative Team will remit payment, including the initial deposit (if applicable), once the final invoice is available.

To verify the emergency fund has been activated and payment will be remitted at the time of discharge, please contact out Administrative Team at +1-833-672-0026 with the pet owner's first and last name as well as their pet's name.

Once the final invoice is available, please email a copy of that invoice to [email protected] and call +1-833-672-0026 to process payment.

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