Your Pawp Membership includes 24/7 access to our licensed vet team. Currently, our vets provide teletriage services. Teletriage is meant to supplement an existing relationship with your regular vet, not replace it. Therefore, a Pawp Vet can make recommendations and suggestions for your pet's care.

However, the Pawp Vet Team is unable to make official diagnoses or write prescriptions at this time. Such capabilities often comprise telehealth services. While we plan to change this in the future, our vet team instead provides teletriage services to supplement your pet's health care routine.

Why doesn't Pawp provide telehealth services for my pets?

Although human telehealth services continue to grow and expand, the pet health industry hasn't quite caught up from a regulation standpoint. Individual states determine what actions vets can perform over the internet. Most states don't allow pet telehealth services yet, but some states continue to make proactive steps toward making such services a reality.

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