Before chatting with the Pawp Vet Team or activating the emergency fund, you're required to add a photo of each pet on the membership. We make this process simple and straightforward on computers and mobile devices.

Step 1: Log into your Pawp membership portal and select Pet Profile on the left-hand navigation menu. The system will prompt you to select a pet's profile to update. Otherwise, you can use the Switch Pet button to select a specific pet.

Screenshot of account navigation

Step 2: Once the Pet Profile opens, you'll have access to your pet's current profile and information. At the top of the page, you'll see either the default pet icon (either a cat or dog), or a photo of your pet.

Screenshot of the pet profile for a dog

Step 3: Click on the Camera/Upload button on the pet photo.

Screenshot of pet profile avatar with arrow pointing to camera icon

Step 4: A system dialog box will pop up and allow you to select a photo of your pet to upload. Depending on your computer or mobile device, you may have to navigate to the folder containing your desired photo.

Once you select a photo and confirm the upload, the default icon (or existing photo) will refresh with the photo you've selected.

You're good to go!

Screenshot of pet profile avatar with picture of dog
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