The Pet Profile contains basic information and details for your pet(s). If you have more than one pet, you'll need to create a separate profile for each one. During a chat with the Pawp vet team, our vets can see information on the Pet Profile. We require five pieces of information on the Pet Profile for each pet before you can chat with a vet or request activation of the emergency fund.

This includes your pet's name, age, breed, weight, and photo. All other information is optional but can be listed for reference by the Pawp vet team or yourself.

A Pet Profile needs to be completed for each pet in your household in order to speak with a vet or for coverage to be available. The only details required to chat with the Pawp vet team and activate the emergency fund include:

  • Your Pet's Name

  • Your Pet's Age

  • Your Pet's Breed

  • Your Pet's Weight

  • A Photo Of Your Pet

All other details in the Pet Profile are optional but can be used for reference purposes by yourself or the Pawp vet team.

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