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Pawp Perks For Employees

Learn more about how Pawp's employee benefits work.

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If your company participates in the Pawp Perks program, your HR representative or benefits portal will provide signup information. Typically, you'll visit a company-specific signup link, provide your information, and then you're ready to go. Companies can set up Pawp Perks under various structures, so your employer may subsidize your entire membership fee. Otherwise, you may have a discounted rate for your Pawp membership.

Full Subsidy vs. Discounted Rates

A company may opt to cover employees' full membership benefits and associated costs. In this case, you should sign up with your company's special signup link. You will not be prompted for a credit card during signup, and you can enjoy your membership benefits free of charge. Please Note: If you leave your employer, or your employer stops participating in Pawp Perks, you will need to add a payment method to continue receiving your benefits.

If you're at a company that's offering discounted Pawp Perks rates, you will need to sign up through your company's special link with a payment method to enjoy your membership benefits. Your company's discount will be reflected at your checkout. Rates vary by employer.

If you have any questions, talk to your HR representative or email [email protected].

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