You can remove a pet from the Pet Profile within the Membership Portal, and the steps are quite simple with this guide!

If you need to remove a pet due to passing or other unexpected circumstances, please accept our condolences from everyone at the Pawp Team. We understand how difficult it can be to say goodbye to a beloved pet, regardless of the reason or circumstances. We encourage you to check out this post from our blog: How To Say Goodbye To A Pet You Love

Step 1: Log into your membership account.

Step 2: Select the My pets tab on the left-hand navigation menu.

Step 3: Click or tap on the blue dropdown menu and select the pet's name you want to remove from your pet profile.

Step 4: After selecting the pet's name, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Remove pet option.

Step 5: The system will prompt you to confirm the removal. Select Confirm to proceed with the removal, and that pet will be removed from your pet profile and membership.

Please Note: Removing a pet from the Pet Profile removes access to historical chats involving the removed pet.

As always, if you have any trouble or questions, please reach out to our Support Team via email at [email protected], or Intercom live chat.

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