If you suspect your pet may be experiencing an emergency, we recommend you video call a Pawp Veterinary Professional so we can properly assess and triage your pet to offer individualized advice. A live video call with your pet visible on camera is required to ensure we can provide you with the best next steps for caring for your pet.

What is triage and why is it important?

All urgent and emergent medical facilities, both in human and veterinary medicine, have an assessment and sorting system for their patients to classify the urgency of their care needs. This is called triage and it is the first step every patient goes through when seeking urgent or emergent medical care. In case of a potential emergency, it's in the best interest of your pet to receive a professional opinion as soon as possible. Our clinically experienced team of licensed Veterinary Professionals are here to help provide general pet health recommendations, first aid advice, emergency triage, and more 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The average wait time to connect with our Veterinary Professional team is under 2 minutes and is even quicker for emergency calls.

What happens on the video call?

Our Veterinary Professional will ask some questions about what is going on with your pet to better understand the situation and your concerns. They will obtain some vital signs, assess hydration status, and collect other relevant information to determine if, and to what extent, your pet may need care. Our Veterinary Professional will advise you regarding your options for caring for your pet and can help prepare you for what to expect at an emergency facility should your pet need to be treated urgently.

What happens after the video call?

Our Veterinary Professional will either refer you for emergency care or provide you with a personalized Care Plan with instructions for caring for your pet, what to monitor for at home, and when to contact us back, and more.

If our Veterinary Professional refers you to seek immediate emergency care, you will receive an abbreviated Care Plan with instructions to seek medical care for your pet. You will also receive an email containing instructions on applying for the Emergency Fund to receive reimbursement.

Every emergency must be verified by Pawp's licensed Veterinary Professional team by triage performed on a live video call. We will not cover your emergency expenses if you have not been referred for immediate emergency care by a Pawp Veterinary Professional. You will not have access to the Emergency Fund if your pet has been admitted for care prior to contacting one of our team members.

Read the complete Emergency Fund Rules & Regulations here.

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