No. We do not provide a membership card, account ID, or policy number. Due to our service model of paying your clinic directly before you leave with your pet, there is no need to present anything to the clinic, nor is there a need for either you or the clinic to file a claim for reimbursement.

Here's how we handle payments:

  • When you arrive at the clinic, you should admit your pet for care. At certain clinics, you may be asked for a deposit upfront, which will be reimbursed by the end of your visit.

  • After you receive the final invoice, you should ask the receptionist or vet technician to call +1-833-365-0001 ext. 1 for our team to confirm and review the charges. You can also send a picture of the invoice to [email protected].

  • After our review, we will provide payment up to $3,000 for your vet bill, including a deposit left upon arrival if applicable. This is paid directly to the clinic. We do not reimburse anything to you, we only provide payment directly to the clinic.

  • Once the invoice is paid, you're free to leave with your pet 😊.

Find out more about what to do if you're having an emergency and how the emergency fund works here.

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