The Pawp Emergency Fund covers unexpected, life-threatening pet emergencies so you don't have to deal with financial stress in an already stressful situation. An emergency is considered any serious, unexpected, and often dangerous or life-threatening situation requiring immediate medical attention.

What's covered:

  • If your pet requires emergency surgery and Pawp Veterinary Professional has activated your emergency fund, the emergency surgery can be covered using your emergency fund.

What's not covered:

  • The emergency fund cannot be used to cover a planned surgery or issue-related appointment, routine check-ups, or wellness visits.

  • The emergency fund cannot be used for emergency C-section surgery or a surgery related to pregnancy.

  • If your pet requires surgery for an emergency that has happened before your 14-day wait period is over, your Pawp Emergency Fund is not available to use to cover the surgery.

Our qualified and experienced team of veterinary professionals will evaluate your pet via our video chat feature. In order to determine the nature of the emergency, you are required to video call or provide a video recording of your pet at the time of speaking to our team.

Ultimately, it is at the discretion of our veterinary professionals to determine if your pet needs immediate care and qualifies for the emergency fund. Each situation and pet is unique, and determining the emergency depends heavily on breed, age, weight and other characteristics. You will not have access to the emergency fund if the pet has been admitted prior to contacting one of our veterinary professionals for funds, or if you have previously been instructed by our team to seek medical attention for the same issue.

Learn more about what's covered here.

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