Your Pawp membership provides you with 24/7 access to licensed veterinary professionals, most of whom have over 10 years of experience in small animal clinics. You can ask anything about your pet's health, including general health, nutrition advice, advice on existing health issues or conditions, behavioral questions, allergies, or anything else your pet may be experiencing. Our team is also here to provide clarity on the urgency of your situation and inform you when you need an in-person visit or emergency care.

Pet parenting is not easy, but our professionals are here to provide support and advice in any situation!

Here are some examples of questions our vets can help with:

"My cat has been throwing up off and on for two days. What could be the issue and how can I help her?"

"My dog swallowed a small amount of rat poison. What should I do and do I need to to take him in immediately?"

"My dog fell off of a high surface and is limping. What should I do?"

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