Your Pawp membership and emergency fund covers up to 6 pets per household, so you'll want to make sure each pet has their own pet profile.

If you'd like to add additional pet profiles to your account, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Pawp account here.

  2. On the Home tab, click the Plus (+) at the top right of the page next to your pet(s) photos. You can also navigate to My pets, click on the blue bar with your pet's name, and then select Add a pet.

  3. You'll find yourself on the Add pets screen where you'll enter your pet's name and their type - dog or cat. From there, you'll click on Add pet to add that pet, or you can add multiple pets at once by using the Add multiple pets option.

  4. The system takes you to the Home tab. You'll then navigate to the My pets tab where you can select the newest pet's name in the blue dropdown to edit their pet profile. You'll need to enter, at minimum, their name, age, breed, weight, and a photo.

  5. You can fill out the remaining information on your pet's pet profile to help the Pawp Vet Professional during a video or text chat.


  • Your pet's name, age, breed, weight, and photo are mandatory to chat with the veterinary professional team and to Activate the emergency fund. All other information is optional but can help our vet pros answer your questions!

  • If something like your pet's breed is missing, you can select Mixed Breed or email your pet's breed to [email protected], and we'll have that information added into the system within a few hours, including optional Pet Profile information.

  • Don't forget that we only cover domestic cats and dogs at this time!

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