Pawp Emergency Fund Terms & Conditions Outlined

  • There is a 14-day mandatory waiting period after signing up for the Emergency Fund before it can become available for use. If a member experiences an emergency prior to that 14-day waiting period ending, the $3,000 fund will not be at their disposal. If a member cancels and reactivates their protection, there will be another mandatory 14-day waiting period before it can be used.

  • The Emergency Fund is only available for members who are making monthly payments continuously and without interruption. If the member's payment fails, they will lose access to the Emergency Fund. If a member cancels their account, they will also lose access to the fund. Members can update their payment method here.

  • Pawp members are required to contact a Pawp Veterinary Professional by video immediately if they believe their pet is experiencing an emergency. The pet must be visible within the video in order for a Pawp Veterinary Professional to determine if and to what extent there is an emergency. This is determined based on the signs and symptoms exhibited by the pet that would qualify as an emergency.

  • The Emergency Fund only pays for the initial emergency care. All other follow-up care is at the expense of the pet owner.

  • Members will not qualify for reimbursement if they do not contact a Pawp Veterinary Professional prior to admitting their pet for care.

  • Members have a maximum of 8 hours to take their pet to any veterinary clinic of their choice after their emergency is confirmed. If members exceed the 8-hour period to use the Emergency Fund, the funds will not be released.

  • Members may be required to provide proof of pet ownership in the form of a pet license or registration.

  • The Emergency Fund is non-transferable to other parties and their pets.

  • Funds are restricted to a one-time reimbursement of any amount up to $3,000. Remaining funds will not roll over.

  • The Pawp Emergency Fund only covers cats and dogs, no other animals.

  • Members will not qualify for the Emergency Fund if a Pawp Veterinary Professional has previously recommended an in-person visit and they failed to comply. Waiting to take a pet in for medical care can result in an unnecessary emergency for a pet and Pawp does not support medical negligence. No other form of medical negligence will be accepted.

  • Members can take their pet to any veterinary clinic located within the United States.

  • Pawp’s official Terms of Service, in the event of any differences, would take precedence over the rules listed in this document.

  • The Emergency Fund does not cover emergencies associated with breeding or pregnancy.

  • In order to gain access to the Emergency Fund, Pawp requires completed profiles for every pet in a household with their name, age, weight, breed, and a clear photo. If this information is missing, members will not have access to the Emergency Fund.

  • Pawp reimburses members for any immediate life-threatening emergency veterinary service required that is approved by the Risk Team.

  • Pawp requires a copy of the final invoice and complete medical records, along with the clinic information uploaded to the Emergency Fund Application.


  • A Pawp member can cancel their Pawp membership at anytime. The member will lose access to the Emergency Fund once their final payment term is complete.

  • Pawp reserves the right to cancel a membership if:

    • The member fails to provide the monthly membership fee.

    • The membership was obtained through fraud, misrepresentation, or concealment.

    • The member has been found by a Veterinary Professional to have grossly mistreated and/or abused the pet.

See our complete terms & conditions here. As always, you can reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

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