Please see the terms and conditions you should be aware of about your emergency fund below:

  • There is a 5-day mandatory wait period upon starting your Pawp membership before the emergency fund is available to you. If you have just signed up and a vet determines you are having an emergency and need immediate care for your pet, the $3,000 fund will not yet be at your disposal. If you cancel and reactivate your account, you will have a mandatory 5-day wait period after reactivating.
  • The emergency fund is only available to you if monthly payments are made continuously and without interruption. If the payment method we have on file for you fails, you will lose access to your emergency fund. If you cancel your account, your will lose access to your fund. You can update your payment method here.
  • If you suspect your pet is having an emergency and needs immediate care, you must consult our veterinarians before gaining access to your emergency fund. All emergencies must be assessed and referred by one of our vets through the Pawp platform. You can talk to a vet here.
  • You have up to a maximum of 4 hours to take your pet to an emergency clinic or any vet clinic of your choice after being referred by our vets. If you exceed the 4 hour period to use your emergency funds, the funds will not be released for your pet's care.
  • You may be required to provide proof of ownership of your pet in the form of a pet license or registration.
  • Your emergency fund is non-transferable to other parties and their pets. Funds are non-transferable to the pet owner.
  • Funds are restricted to a one-time pay-out regardless of the amount but up to $3,000
  • The Pawp Emergency Fund only covers cats and dogs, no other animals.
  • Some clinics require a deposit before accepting your pet for evaluation. Pawp cannot provide the deposit for you, however, upon receiving the final invoice, the deposit will be included in the final payment issued by Pawp. This means whatever deposit you left upon checking in will be credited back to your account at the discretion of the clinic.
  • You will not qualify for the Pawp Emergency Fund if our Vets have previously recommended a visit to your vet clinic and you failed to comply. Waiting for medical care can result in an unnecessary emergency for your pet and we do not support medical negligence.
  • You can take your pet to any veterinary clinic located within the United States.

See our complete terms & conditions here.

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