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Can I split my Emergency Fund across more than one emergency?
Can I split my Emergency Fund across more than one emergency?

Find out more about how your Emergency Fund works.

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Your Emergency Fund is available to use one time per year for one pet listed on your membership in the event of an unexpected, life-threatening medical situation. As the fund is only available one time per year, it can't be split across multiple pets or emergencies.

The fund provides a financial safety net and will reimburse an approved emergency up to the amount of $3,000. If you wish to use your fund, you must submit your Emergency Fund Application, which is managed by our in-house medical review team. The fund is restricted to a one-time payout, regardless of the amount, up to $3,000.

That means if your vet bill exceeds this amount, you will need to cover the difference. If your vet bill is less than $3,000, we will pay the exact amount, and you will not have access to any remaining "leftover" funds for the year.

As you submit your Emergency Fund Application after your pet has received treatment, you can decide whether or not you want to utilize your fund in that specific situation or keep it as a "just in case" for any future incidents.

As long as you're a Pawp member, you will maintain access to the virtual clinic regardless of whether you've used your Emergency Fund or not. Your Emergency Fund will reset one year after you initially signed up for this optional monthly add-on.

Fortunately, emergencies of this magnitude are usually worst-case scenarios and should be relatively uncommon โ€” especially while you have on-demand access to 24/7 support with veterinary professionals for both instant care and long-term guidance.

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