The emergency fund provides up to $3,000 towards one life-threatening pet emergency per year. The emergency fund acts as a security blanket for those unexpected, and often financially crippling, situations where your animal requires immediate medical attention.


An emergency is defined as a life-threatening situation as confirmed by a Pawp veterinary professional, based on the signs and symptoms that the animal is exhibiting.

Emergencies include, but are not limited to:

  • Toxic Ingestion

  • Choking & Difficulty Breathing

  • Severe Blockages

The examples above are not an exhaustive list and every emergency must be deemed as such by Pawp's veterinary professional team via video call.

Pawp members are required to contact a Pawp veterinary professional by video conference immediately upon belief that the pet is experiencing an emergency. The pet must be visible within the video in order for a Pawp veterinary professional to determine if and to what extent there is a life-threatening emergency. This is determined based on the signs and symptoms exhibited by the pet that would qualify as an emergency.

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Read the complete emergency fund rules & regulations here.

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