Your emergency fund covers vet bills up to a value of $3,000. This is available to you one time per year. However, if your vet bill is less than $3,000, you will not be credited the difference and you will have used your emergency fund for the year.

For example, if after your emergency your vet bill is $100, you can choose to pay $100 upfront and out-of-pocket in order to preserve your $3,000 for a larger and more expensive emergency. If you decide to use the emergency fund for a $100 vet bill, you will not be credited the remaining balance, and you will not be able to use the fund again that year.

Please note, if the clinic requires a deposit payment upon arrival, we cannot provide this payment for you upfront. However, once we receive the final invoice from the clinic, we'll cover the cost of the deposit and it will be credited to you at the discretion of the clinic.

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