No. In order to access your emergency fund, you must be referred to an emergency vet clinic or your primary vet clinic by one of our veterinary professionals through the Pawp platform. Unfortunately, we will not cover your emergency vet bill if you have consulted another vet or have not been referred through the Pawp platform.

All emergencies must be assessed and referred by one of our veterinary professionals through the Pawp platform. You can talk to a veterinary professional here. A live face-to-face video call is mandatory to determine if it is an emergency or not.

You will not have access to the fund if the pet has been admitted prior to contacting one of our team members for the fund.

Check out Pawp Emergency Fund: How It Works for more information.

Applying for Emergency Funds Outside of Pawp's Rules & Regulations

If you've had a life-threatening emergency with your pet, but did not do a video call with our veterinary professional before admitting your animal to an emergency clinic as per our official process, we do provide the opportunity to apply for emergency funds through our Emergency Fund Claim Form.

A video call with a Pawp Veterinary Professional is required in order to gain access to the Emergency Fund as per our Rules & Regulations. However, we understand that sometimes life can get in the way and a video call may not be possible.

  1. Complete our Emergency Fund Claim Form. The form must be filled out completely, including a copy of your final emergency invoice and a copy of the treatment notes. If any information is missing, you will not be able to proceed with sending the form.

  2. Send the form to us within 24-48 hours of your animal being dispatched from the emergency clinic.

  3. Include the final invoice for your emergency visit, as well as the treatment notes for the emergency visit.

  4. Applying for emergency funds does not guarantee access to emergency funds.

  5. Access to the emergency fund will only be granted if:

    1. The invoice and treatment notes signify a life-threatening emergency AND there is evidence of attempting to contact the Pawp team at the time of the emergency.

    2. A technical issue caused by Pawp has occurred when trying to connect to video with Pawp Veterinary Professional, preventing you from gaining emergency fund activation from our veterinary professionals. The technical issue will need to be verified by Pawp.

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