If you believe your pet is having a life-threatening emergency and need to access your emergency fund, please complete the following steps:

  • Sign in to your Pawp account here.

  • Select Talk To A Pro on the right-hand corner of the page. Then select the red button that says "Having an emergency" and request a call.

  • In order to determine the emergency, you are required to video call with your pet present at the time of speaking to our veterinary professionals. A live video is required. Ultimately, it is at the discretion of our veterinary professionals to determine if your pet needs immediate care and qualifies for the emergency fund. Each situation and pet is unique, and determining the emergency depends heavily on breed, age, weight and other characteristics. You will not have access to the emergency fund if the pet has been admitted prior to contacting one of our vets for funds.

  • After the emergency is confirmed, our team member will instruct you to go to the closest emergency clinic or a vet clinic of your choice immediately. You must take your pet to the emergency clinic within 8 hours of referral in order to have access to your fund. Please note, you can go to any vet clinic of your choice, it does not need to be an emergency clinic.

  • When you arrive at the clinic, you should admit your pet for care. At certain clinics, you may be asked for a deposit upfront, which the pet owner will need to be able to provide.

  • Upon completion of the emergency treatment for the pet, you'll be asked to provide payment for the care by the clinic. We no longer provide this payment directly to the clinic, so as the pet owner you will be responsible for providing payment for your pet's emergency care.

    To apply for reimbursement, please complete our Emergency Fund Claim Application within 7 days of discharge. Please make sure to submit up-to-date contact information for your clinic. Incorrect information may cause delays in processing your application. We will review your application within 1 business day of receipt and if approved, you'll be provided reimbursement via e-check or ACH payment.

Please note, you must contact our veterinary professionals prior to visiting an emergency clinic for a complete assessment and referral. Unfortunately, we cannot provide payment for your vet bill without a referral from one of our veterinary professionals.

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