The Pawp Emergency Fund provides up to $3000 per year for qualifying unexpected veterinary emergencies. Each Pawp account protects up to 6 cats and dogs, any of which can utilize the Emergency Fund should the worst happen.

Any time you are concerned about your pet's health or wellbeing we recommend you consult with a licensed Veterinary Professional for advice. Pawp's licensed Veterinary Professionals are available 24/7 and you can connect with our team by clicking here.

The instructions for using the Emergency Fund is below:

  • If you seek to use your Emergency Fund, you must consult with a Pawp Veterinary Professional for triage and emergency referral by connecting here. Our Veterinary Professional will ask you questions about what is going on with your pet and may invite you to join a live video call. During the live video call, our experienced Veterinary Professional will triage your pet's condition and provide you with individualized next best steps to help you care for your pet.

    Please note: You may chat in at any time, but in order for our Veterinary Professional to appropriately triage your pet in the case of a potential emergency, your pet must be visible on a live video call. If you are unable to join the live video call with your pet, our ability to provide individualized advice becomes limited. Our Veterinary Professional will determine if, and to what extent, your pet may need care based on the signs and symptoms noted during triage.

  • If an emergency is confirmed, our Veterinary Professional will instruct you to admit your pet for care within 8 hours of the consult and will send you emailed instructions as well.

  • You will then take your pet in for medical care and follow the advice of the veterinarian. You can go to any veterinary hospital within the US, it does not need to be an emergency clinic.

  • Once your pet's treatment is complete you will receive an invoice. You will provide the hospital payment. While you are still at the hospital, request a copy of your pet's complete medical records so you can apply for reimbursement.

  • To apply for reimbursement, please complete our Emergency Fund Application within 14 days of your pet's emergency. We will review your application within 3 business days of receipt and, if approved, you'll be provided reimbursement via e-check or ACH payment.

You must contact our Veterinary Professional team prior to visiting an emergency hospital for a complete triage and emergency referral. You will not have access to the Emergency Fund if your pet has been admitted for care prior to contacting one of our team members.

Read the complete Emergency Fund Rules & Regulations here. Exclusions from coverage can be found here.

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