Our emergency fund is included in all Pawp memberships and provides up to $3,000 towards your vet bill in case of a life-threatening vet emergency requiring immediate care. Think of it as an pet insurance alternative without a high deductible or copay. These are some of the other benefits compared to traditional pet insurance options:

  • No qualifying or credit checks

  • No out-of-pocket payments

  • No restrictions by breed, age or location

  • No restrictions based on pre-existing conditions

  • Coverage for up to 6 cats or dogs

With one easy monthly payment, you can sleep easy knowing your pet is covered and emergency care won’t be a financial burden. The Pawp emergency fund is an alternative to pet insurance and does not cover routine care or preventative health.

What makes the Pawp Emergency Fund different?

Pawp is an affordable pet insurance alternative for pet parents looking for financial protection in case of an unexpected vet emergency.

Pawp is different to pet insurance because:

  • We provide financial help for the most expensive sector of pet healthcare: emergency vet care.

  • We pay your vet clinic directly, so there is no need to file a claim for yourself or the clinic.

  • You can use the emergency fund at any vet clinic, whichever is closest at the time of the emergency, so your pet gets the care they need as soon as possible.

  • Our team of online veterinary professionals are here for you 24/7 to provide first aid vet advice and emergency triage.

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