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Does Pawp Write Prescriptions For My Pets?
Does Pawp Write Prescriptions For My Pets?

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Due to legal restrictions associated with online prescriptions, Pawp cannot currently prescribe many Rx medications for your pet. We currently offer prescription medication for flea/tick prevention in the following states: New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Virginia. We will continue to update this list as laws around veterinary telemedicine progress.

In most states, an in-person veterinarian must evaluate your pet and conduct a physical exam in order to prescribe medication. If you have an existing prescription from your in-person veterinarian, you can fill it with the Pawp Pharmacy.

How to order a prescription product

With the Pawp Pharmacy, members can purchase a mix of vet-recommended prescription and non-prescription items! An existing prescription is required to fill an Rx item via the Pharmacy. Due to state regulations, we cannot prescribe medications via the Pawp vet professionals team outside of flea & tick Rx in select states, nor can we fulfill Rx items without a verified prescription through your regular veterinarian.

If you do have an existing prescription:

Step 1: Navigate to the Pawp Pharmacy and find the item to purchase.

Step 2: All prescription-required items have an Rx label attached to their product image and description. Select Buy Now to begin checking out.

Step 3: After hitting Buy Now, you'll be required to choose your Pet and enter in the information for your clinic. Mandatory information includes the clinic's name, phone number, and address. You'll then enter your address and payment information before hitting Purchase.

Now you're good to go, and one of our fulfillment agents will contact the clinic to verify the prescription! If an active prescription for your pet cannot be verified, the order will automatically be canceled and refunded.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email [email protected]!

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