Our experienced team of licensed veterinary professionals is here to help you 24/7. Our team is a hybrid of veterinarians and veterinary technicians, and each has at least 5 years of experience in veterinary clinics, most over 10. Our interview process is extremely stringent and each veterinary professional on board has been vetted with the utmost care.

Our team provides teletriage and teleadvice services. Teletriage is the safe, appropriate, and timely assessment and management (immediate referral to a veterinarian or not) of animal patients via electronic consultation with their owners. In assessing a patient's condition electronically, the assessor determines urgency and the need for immediate referral to a veterinarian, based on the owner’s (or responsible party’s) report of history and clinical signs, sometimes supplemented by visual (e.g., photographs, video) information. A diagnosis is not rendered. The essence of teletriage is to make good and safe decisions regarding a patient’s disposition (immediate referral to a veterinarian or not), under conditions of uncertainty and urgency.

Teleadvice is the provision of any health information, opinion, guidance or recommendation concerning prudent future actions that are not specific to a particular patient's health, illness, or injury. This is general advice that is not intended to diagnose, prognose, treat, correct, change, alleviate, or prevent animal disease, illness, pain, deformity, defect, injury, or other physical, dental, or mental conditions.

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