Telemedicine for pets involves the pet owner having a virtual appointment with their pet’s veterinarian on a computer, iPad, or other devices. The pet owner can communicate and talk with the veterinarian professional about any concerns regarding their pet and have questions answered, based on the history, discussion, and visualization of the pet and its environment. Sometimes in-person visits will be necessary, but telemedicine offers a great alternative for non-emergency situations.

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What you need to know beforehand

Be Prepared

It's important that you have all of your pet's medical information readily available to share with the veterinary professional at the time of the appointment, or even beforehand. You should also create a list of all of your concerns and questions, so you don't forget to cover anything during the appointment.

Check Your Tech

Have your camera or smartphone ready to go before the call. Make sure you have a good, consistent internet connection, camera, and audio availability. Sharing images and video can play a huge role in helping the veterinary professional provide the right advice, and saves time on back-and-forth typing.

Keep Your Pet Close

This might go without saying, but it's important that your pet is nearby throughout the call so you can have them on screen for the veterinary professional to see. You want the veterinary professional to have as much information as possible, and seeing your pet and their behavior provides priceless insight.

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