Assuming your dog is healthy and has no ongoing problems, an upset stomach can be caused by many things, including eating a new food, having a new treat or chew that has higher-than-usual fat content, a change in environment, or eating too fast. Here’s how to identify a dog’s upset stomach and treat it.


  • Vomiting or diarrhea

  • Inability to settle down and pacing back and forth

  • Using grass to help quickly purge the contents of the stomach (if available)

  • Audible gurgling in the belly

  • Excess flatulence

At-home Remedies

  • Let them rest as much as they need.

  • Add electrolytes to their water. Giving your dog electrolytes helps them to recover and ensures that they do not dehydrate. You can buy this from your vet.

  • Feed bland food. Given in small amounts but frequently, bland foods can help settle the upset. Some examples include chicken and rice, scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, white fish or pasta.

  • Add supplements to their diet. Supplements that contain kaolin and psyllium help bind diarrhea together and settle the upset. Probiotics also help balance gut bacteria.


  • Feeding a high quality diet

  • Limiting the number of treats they're given

  • For those dogs who like to scavenge, try to keep things out of reach

  • Keep your trash can secure

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