Pets are a big part of our lives, and figuring out a plan for how to care for your dog or cat if you and your partner decide to call it quits can be difficult even in the most amicable breakup situation.

The main things you will want to prepare for are:

  1. Where your pet will live. Have a clear plan in place, and think through all potential scenarios and how they might affect the potential agreement, along with holiday scheduling and accommodating travel.

  2. Financial support. Who pays for what can be a sensitive subject, which is why it's important to agree on pet-related costs systematically, by making a list of ordinary expenses to the more expensive one-off costs. In general, basic supplies, such as food, are paid for by the person who currently has custody, with larger expenses divided.

  3. Medical decisions. There are bound to be some time when you need to make medical decisions on behalf of your pet. Therefore, it's crucial for co-parents to be on the same page about who will be listed as the primary caregiver with your pet's vet.

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