Potty training a puppy takes time and work, but also patience and understanding. Remember that our pets are creatures of habit and it’s all about setting new habits. It's a process of practice, practice, practice! Then it’s all about incentives, positive reinforcement, and setting new habits and rituals. 

There are several methods to start with: 

  • Use a bell each time immediately before taking the puppy out to potty to help your puppy associate the bell to potty time

  • Tie yourself to your dog to always have them at leash distance - This prevents the puppy from utilizing the restroom in a “hidden” place should they have an accident and, most importantly, it forces the owner to be more aware of their puppy’s behavior throughout the day if they cannot escape their puppy

  • Use potty pads and a crate to establish "potty spots" and slowly start reducing the amount of potty pads 

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