Every pet is different and their nutritional needs, and what and how much they should consume varies. Supplements provide essential but often elusive ingredients that don’t always make it through the dog food manufacturing process, like probiotics. Or, if they do, the level of those ingredients may not be high enough to be impactful, like glucosamine. These missing ingredients can be key to many core bodily needs, like digestion, nutrient production/absorption, ligament and joint functions, and organ functionality. Some other benefits of supplements are: 

  • Joint support & mobility

  • Digestive support & immunity

  • Skin & coat support

  • Allergy relief

  • Heart Health

  • Behavioral support

  • Source of antioxidants

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As always, if you’re hesitant about giving supplements to your dog, you can chat with a vet on Pawp and ask any questions you have. They'll recommend the right supplements for your pet. 😊

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